How to be a Gallery Boom Artist.

Want a space in Gallery Boom? We are looking for visual artists of all mediums and styles as well as authors, makers and musicians. 

Please send your name, business name, medium and 3 pictures of type of items you want to sell to or use the form on the Contact Page.                    

You will then be contacted to set up a face to face meeting to talk about the gallery and your art.


Being an Artist @ Gallery Boom

Here’s a super quick run down.

Gallery Boom has the business structure of an Antique Mall with the vibe of an art gallery. 

Basic contract rundown- One year contract, 30% Gallery/70% Artist split, 4hr monthly floor shift where artist talks to customers about art, sweeps, opens cases etc... no money handling (you may opt out of floor shift for a fee), monthly rent determined by amount of space rented.

Horizontal space is $5 a sqft, Vertical space is $2.50 a sqft. Books, games, small maker kits, music and cards are $2.50 a title/space each. Space for prints range from $5-$20 a space.     

For more information-

Contact or use Contact Page for more details.